Company History, South Beloit, IL | Erickson Auto Parts & Sales

Our Story

Elden Erickson founded Erickson Auto Parts & Sales in 1973. Our company owner’s sons, Brian and Wayne Erickson, got into the family business at a very young age. They started out with 5 acres and today they currently have 13 acres, including more than 1,000 cars in the inventory.

Community Involvement

Erickson's Auto Parts & Sales takes pride in giving back to the community. We sponsor different community events, including Old Settler's Days, the MDA Tub Run, Roscoe Lions Club, Rockford Speedway, and many other local school programs. We also help the Harlem-Roscoe Fire Department by placing cars in the lot for training.

About the Erickson Family

In the early 1950s, Elden and his lovely wife, Janice, moved from Viroqua Wisconsin to the South Beloit/Roscoe area. They are the proud parents of 3 boys, Steven, Brian, and Wayne. Elden loves to say that he has sold everything, from potatoes at the back of an old pickup truck to scraps and parts.

Starting a Legacy

Elden purchased Erickson Metals in Swanson Road, Roscoe, IL in 1964. It continues to flourish today due to keen business sense and strong work ethic. Erickson Metals has been passed on to Elden’s children.

In 1971, Elden purchased JCT Auto Salvage on Highway 173 and in 76 Poplar Grove. In 1977, he sold the company to purchase Erickson Auto Parts & Sales in Prairie Hill Road, South Beloit, IL.

With great pride, Elden continues to run operations in both South Beloit and Roscoe locations. Brian and Wayne help out at the South Beloit location, while Daniel, Elden’s grandson, works at the Roscoe location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the company buy running and non-running vehicles?

Yes. Erickson will buy the majority of vehicles as long as they come with a title and are loan-free. If needed, we will pick up vehicles depending on the location.

How much does the company pay for vehicles?

We always aim to pay top dollar depending on the cost of metals and other factors. The amount depends on the make, model, year, condition, and any missing parts.

Does the company sell new parts?

Yes. Erickson sells both new and used parts depending on availability. Our staff will let you know if we can order the auto parts that you need.

Does the company sell tires?

Yes, both new and used. New tires can be ordered and common sizes are normally kept in stock. Our inventory of used tires changes daily.

Does the company offer tire mounting and balancing services?

We mount and balance most tires purchased from us for a small fee. We also work on pre-owned tires. The fee depends on the vehicle and tire size. All services are on a first come, first served basis.

Does the company recycle?

We recycle most metals and appliances. Our metal yard on Swanson Road will pay you based on current prices and items. We may not pay for some items, but we would happily dispose of  them for you. Erickson does not pick up recycled items.

What items do you not take?

Please give us a call to check if we can accept your items.

Always feel free to contact us with questions! Call us today at 815-389-1611.