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New and Used Auto Parts

Are you looking for tires or other auto parts? Turn to Erickson Auto Parts & Sales in South Beloit, IL. We carry a huge inventory of new and used auto parts for foreign, old, and hard-to-find models. Just send us a photo of the car, its make, model, year, and the part you’re looking for.

We offer batteries with a $10 core charge if you do not have your exchange. Used batteries have a 30-day warranty, while new ones are on pro-rated warranties. We also carry headlights, taillights, and mirrors for standard cars. Some new parts can be ordered with an approximate two-day delivery period.

Our shop also offers a lot of commonly needed fluids, such as oil, transmission fluid, and antifreeze.

Clearance Items

Erickson Auto Parts & Sales also carries clearance items at discounted prices. Our inventory of used items is updated daily, while new items are normally in limited stock. From brake pads and belts to mounts and fuel pumps, you will surely get a good bargain here at our store.

New Items

Used Items

Please call us for inventory updates and pricing information. Also note that we do not offer interior wiring, trimming, headliners, and carpets.


Buying new tires can put a strain on your budget. Erickson Auto Parts & Sales offers a selection of new and used tires, giving you the option of spending within your means.

We have new and used tires in different sizes from top manufacturers. Note that our used tires vary in size and price, and the availability may change daily. You can purchase any quantity, from a single tire to a full set of 4. Most of these are available for delivery the next day.

Apart from the products we offer, our team also provides tire mounting and balancing services.

Find all of the auto parts that you need at our store. Send us a message or call 815-389-1611 to see what’s currently in stock.