Recycling Services, South Beloit, IL | Erickson Auto Parts & Sales

Environment-Friendly Services

At Erickson Auto Parts & Sales in South Beloit, IL, we take pride in being an environmentally friendly company that offers recycling services. You can get rid of your junk and possibly earn some cash depending on the materials.

Our recycling process is clean, organized, and efficient. We strive to preserve our planet’s valuable resources by maximizing the functionality of your unused items. Erickson Auto Parts & Sales is a proud member of the Automotive Recycler’s Association.


Send us your unwanted materials, such as scrap metals, old appliances, and radiators. Not only do you make a positive impact on the environment, but you can also earn money in recycling. Our metal yard purchases most metals at current rates. Just contact us to learn more.

We do not accept computers, televisions, and most electronics. Here are some of the items that we can recycle:

Tire Services

Having well-maintained tires is a wise road safety practice. We provide tire mounting, balancing, and rotation on top of our recycling services. Please note that we do not perform general car repairs.

Vehicle Purchases

Do you have an old car that is just eating up your garage space? Whether you have a running or non-running vehicle, as long as it has a title and is loan-free, we can purchase it at top dollar. We can pick up your vehicle within a limited distance.

Turn your unused cars or unwanted junk into money. Give us a call today at 815-389-1611 to learn more about our services.